Friday, June 27, 2008

Whoa, it's HOT

Many of you may be aware of the fact that summer came a little late in the Pacific Northwest this year. Approximately on the first day of summer actually..... We had a few days in February I think it was, where the thermometers read 33C or higher, but since then it has been near risk of frost every night. Well today there are several reasons to celebrate, 1. the thermometer did read 32 today in the shade! 2. I think I sprayed enough pesticides in the yard, and surrounding barkdust areas to actually rid this place of fleas. It was not a super dangerous pesticide - permethrin is synthetically formulated from a plant oil, but extremely effective at knocking out fleas. Before I started spraying the yard down with water and plant oils, I sprinkled boric acid all around my doors and windows to prevent the buggers from seeking refuge inside my house. Don't worry, Yoshimi has no fleas - she got a round of Frontline last week. I just wish they made something I could put between my shoulders to keep the fleas off. Ick. So I think the battle is won.... Yoshimi battles the pink robots, Molly battles the rat bastard fleas.

Another reason to celebrate, I have officially been offered a post-graduate internship with the DHS - Public Health Division, Office of Community Health and Health Planning (whew that's a mouthful). Woot! I will be assisting the office in researching ethics in human trials and HIPPA guidelines, in order to create a web based training program for the department. It is an internship, which means it will be for 12 weeks, but the great news is, I will have internal employee status, and get more than just my foot in the door! A reminder, my degree is titled, "Health Promotion and Education, Community Health". I think it's a good sign when your diploma has the exact phrase as the office you'll be interning in. I hope.

So this all sums up to one point: It's time to crack open a bottle of pink wine. Celebrate with an ice cold glass of rose... 'Cause it's freaking hot!!!!!

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