Monday, May 29, 2006

End of the Term

Well, the term is winding up, and papers are due, and flowers are in bloom. I am going to be moving very soon. Maybe next week. I'll keep you all updated of course. Then, hopefully I will stay put for quite some time. I've had a lazy weekend of hanging out in Corvallis, and went to Portland to get my hair cut yesterday and cruise the Portland Saturday Market. Yes, they hold a Saturday Market on Sunday. Weird, I know.

Phil's parents just returned from China and brought some gorgeous fabrics back with them. I will post pictures of the ones they gave me once I have them hung up in my new place.

My girlfriends are all moving away soon, so we've been making cookies and beer, and cheese, and lots of other wonderful things. Our lives revolve around school/work and the kitchen. Here are some wonderful pictures to remember all our fun by...

Desiree decides to paint her face while we are preparing for Easter Beer Hunt by painting PBR cans instead of eggs.

Paco, Me and Desiree wearing our "Fermentation Bitch" t-shirts that we designed and sold at the Oregon Homebrew Festival on May 20th. The profits will all be going to Benton County Food Bank.
Below: Me with mom's oatmeal cookie recipe in full working order.