Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama on Race and Politics

If you have not yet seen the full coverage of Barack's speech on race, you really should watch it. The news casts will surely have their way with excerpts, creating what ever stance they would like to spin out of it, but remember, the speech is 37 minutes long and you should make your own decision about its outcomes. The excerpt above is the last 10:08 of the full speech.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hoe Down, Down South

On Friday night my coworker Cecily and I were looking for fun and our friend, Wes who is a graduate student really needed a break from his office and tests. We piled into the Suby and went down to Eugene to see Jackstraw do a show at Sam Bond's Garage. I called Jake when we hit the beltway and he met us about 9p.m. when the band was just setting up. We had a great time watching hippie flailing and were lucking enough to get the front table in the bar. A super cool venue, with a veggie/vegan menu and amazing West Coast brews served in mason jars. We got back to Corvallis around 2a.m. in time to hit the books again for Saturday and Sunday. It was nice to get out for a night though!