Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bacon scallion scones

Just a scone weekend I guess.
Applewood smoked bacon
Applewood smoked bacon-2
Colby Bacon Scallion Scones

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lemon ginger scones

I decided I need to work on breakfast this week. My habits have not been healthy as of late. If I have a large batch of quick food in the house, that is relatively easy to snag before I hop on my bike, then maybe I can pump some fuel into me before my morning commute (5 mile ride). Since I've never made scones before, they sounded like a fun challenge, and also a great way to customize my morning snack. Usually, bakery scones are huge and I only eat them if I'm sharing with someone else. I looked for some recipes, and decided to just make them tiny.

I fell in love with the recipe for Orange and Oat scones on 101 Cookbooks, and thought I'd give those a go. I made a ton of changes though, and realized that my scones don't even vaguely resemble her recipe.

First, you cut in the butter. Then you stir everything together, gently working in the buttermilk.

After forming the dough into a round, you slice into wedges and bake till the bottoms are golden brown. Then you nom nom nom nom....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 02, 2009


Tilth on Urbanspoon
Beginning on Thursday, I've been wined and dined by my loved ones - Bamboo Sushi with dad on Thursday, Tilth with Phil on Saturday, Volunteer Park Cafe with Phil, Katie and Jason on Sunday, and Nostrana with mom on Monday! I don't believe there's anything I love more in life than my family and friends combined with rich, tasty foods and my camera. Since I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to eat at such scrumptious places (when I'm not laboring over my own stove), I figured I should be jotting down my memories for friends, family, and future reference. I'll get to all of them eventually, but today I'm beginning with Tilth.

I'd been on the train for 3.5 hours when Phil picked me up on Friday evening. We hopped online to see who had openings and what sounded good, and quickly agreed on Tilth, as we'd both been itching to get over there.

Located in Wallingford, a lively neighborhood adjacent to the University District in Seattle, Tilth boasts the claim to fame of having been the second restaurant to ever become Oregon Tilth certified. How fitting. The restaurant is in a tastefully renovated craftsman house, with an enclosed sunroom which sort of makes you feel like you're coming home as you step into the entrance. The space is small, and the staff to table ratio seemed unusually high - but in a really good way.

We started our meal off with some pink bubbly and some scrumptious hors d'oeuvres.....


Phil ordered the salmon and I ordered the ricotta dumpling with lardon. Yum YUM. The portions were the perfect size for having started with an appetizer and ending with a cheese plate (and chocolate deserty thing for Phil). We were able to take our time, and savor each dish without getting too full. I can't WAIT to go back.

Tilth on Urbanspoon