Wednesday, June 11, 2008


As a lot of you may already know, late on Thursday night, Alexander was hit by a car on Harrison Blvd in front of my house. He passed very quickly, and that gives me hope that he didn't suffer. He was such a blast to have as a friend and companion. Even my Blogger profile mentions my life in this cottage with him as my buddy. I don't think I even felt too lonely in the two years I have lived here (June 13th is two years exactly). When I brought him home for the first time, he hunkered down under the bed for a while, but I remember Phil coaxing him out with leftover meat, and Alex was an easy win.
I have probably written more blog posts about Alex than anything else, and I think I'm lucky to have documented the little guy so well.
On Sunday, Josh, Mom and I happened across an adorable kitten outside a pet supply store in Portland. I picked her up and within ten minutes had decided she would be mine. Yesterday the vet confirmed that she is about six-seven weeks old and in good health. If she's not running up and down the furniture, doing flips in the air, or shamelessly chasing her tail, she is sound asleep and purring somewhere near me. Like Alex, she likes to be with me whatever it is I am doing, and like Alex she is super talkative. I know I cannot ever replace Alex, but I am glad that I quickly found another buddy to share my house with (when Phil isn't in town visiting!).
Thank you to everyone for all of your support. I have had some wonderful, yet tearful conversations with many of you, and my heart is still aching quite a bit. I know I have many shoulders to cry on though, and now a new little purr machine to cry with too. She needs a name! But right now, I'm stressing out with finals, so I will name her when it feels appropriate.


Steph said...

Evan and I send our condolences. Alex seemed like a very sweet kitty.
Best of luck with your finals!

melanie said...

I continue to send good thoughts your way and can't wait to meet the new kitty. Good luck with finals and call me if you need anything!

Molly said...

Thanks Steph, Evan, and Melanie :) I am still thinking of Alex alot but Annapurna is making me smile.