Saturday, June 28, 2008

Farmers Market

Oo0oooh, I LOVE market season! The sun came out strong and early this morning. I got up at seven and had a mug of coffee before venturing on downtown to get fingerprinted at the sheriffs office. That was for work ;) I hit the market right when they were opening and wandered around looking at all the beautiful colors. Everyone was in such a good mood, and the weather is going to spoil all the food this weekend, so they were basically giving away produce. My favorite part of the market every week is Gumbo, the guitar/banjo/fiddle trio who play across from Wineopolis. I sat in the shade listening to them before picking up the rest of my groceries.

Above: Gumbo; Below: Walla walla sweet onions ($2/each), kitten included for scale. I bit into one of these like an apple when I got home - YUM!
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Josh said...

Good thing the kitten was in there for scale. I would have had no idea how big those onions were. . . weirdo :-)