Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What supreme court decisions do you not agree with???

Sarah Palin is "pro life, and unapologetic" towards 15 year old girls who get raped by their father. How sweet of her to offer adoption to them as an option.

P.s. - the morning after pill is preventing the moment of conception, it's a scientific FACT. But Sarah does not condone the morning after pill because she is of the school of thought that life begins at the moment of conception. Huh.

Some crazy ass, crazy people want to overturn Roe vs. Wade which was the famous, "Abortion Ruling" as some people think of it as.... However, it terrifies me that most of those crazy ass, crazy people wanting to overturn Roe v Wade also would be removing the right I would have to privacy regarding my medical relationship with my physician or nurse or whoever my practitioner may be. For example... Lets say little Susie Q were raped, and horrifyingly enough, she lived in the state of Alaska, and lets pretend that Sarah Palin actually got her way, and victims of sexual assault and rape were expected to pay for their sexual assault exams. If Roe v Wade were overturned, Joe Blow could just called up and talk to the physician about her medical examination, and the physician would have the right to give any and all information about his interaction with Susie to Joe. I'm going to stop right there, because the possibilities for who Joe is, how he would handle the information, etc are beyond my imagination. Obviously, people having access to other people's information in this way is dangerous and just plain ridiculous.  


The Powell's said...


You and I are on the same page with Sarah Palin. I watched that interview and was baffled by her answers and at times caught myself with my mouth open in horror!


The Powell's said...

I have to admit that my blog is a bit of a cuteness overload, but I LOVE the fall! Hope Portland is treating you well, I miss seeing you out and about in Corvallis!