Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I am not involved with any social justice volunteerism right now, but I still feel like it is my duty to talk about these things with the people I know and love. So, I made this poster. For my blog. A lot of people believe that rape and violence primarily comes from strangers, which is why you will sometimes hear the phrases "stranger danger" and "date rape". Teaching little girls to stay away from "scary" looking men does not statistically mean they will be safe. Intimate partners are one of the most common sources of sexual assault, and so are known acquaintances. The state department of epidemiology in Oregon has put out some pretty mind blowing reports regarding economic, health and wellness losses due to intimate partner violence. It's not just a women's issue, men are victims of IPV as well, but the statistics show a staggering disparity between female victims and male victims. Just some stuff to think about.

Information Source:

Oregon Dept of Human Services, publication "Intimate Partner Violence in Oregon Findings from the Oregon Women's Health and Safety Survey", Executive Summary.

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This is awesome Molly!