Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sick Week, Inside Projects

I've been really sick with the flu for most of the week. Started out as one of those innocent colds that come sneaking up on you with some sneezing and sniffles, but hits you full on with fever aches and migraine and awful congestion. After spending a few days in bed, I missed out on all my commitments for the weekend just opting to take it easy, but my friend Rachel did come brave the sick air and spend some time entertaining me. . 

We walked around outside and got some fresh air in the gorgeous fall colors, and we made some cool things around the house.  I made this pot holder this morning out of fabric scraps. The pink and brown was an old dress that I grew out of, but I loved the pattern so I kept it around to cut up. Rachel worked on the bagels while I was sewing the impromptu hot holder. They were the best homemade bagels I have ever had! They were all crispy and crunchy on the outside, with super gooey nice insides. Yum!

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