Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just signed up for Clear

I am SO thrilled with my new internet service. I heard about Clear on Twitter the other day, and wanted to learn more about it, but just hadn't gotten around.  I saw a kiosk for them the other day and was kicking myself for not stopping, so today when I saw them outside of Powell's I stopped to learn more. And I signed up!

My old internet: 1.5 mbps with Qwest for $39.99/month
My new internet!: 6 mbps with Clear for $40/month

Qwest takes FOREVER to ship you your set up crap (modem, annoying "startup disc", etc), and with Clear, I gave them $40 and they handed me a modem and I walked away. What do you need to start your service? I walked home, plugged the modem in (to an electrical outlet), and BAM. No cable line, no phone line, nothing! I am so thrilled, and the guys who sold to me were super thrilled also. Clear reps Matt Kurowski and Brett Dilley pictured below, braving the storm.  I honestly just wanted to write about this because I am so excited to be out from under the awful fees and contracts of Comcast or Qwest, but they will give people some sort of credit for referring or whatever, so you should give them my name if you sign up because of reading this post. Kthxbai ;)

Left: Brett Dilley ( Right: Matt Kurowski (

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