Friday, December 19, 2008

About those books and burritos...

I wrote that post about Supporting Local Economy a few days back and have continually been following the Portland hype over it. The actual Dude is from San Francisco, but his mom runs the store here in Portland, if you'll recall. 

Since then I've been amazed at the response by the internet community to his Twitter cries and blog post .  
I orignally commented on his blog saying, I would go buy books, and although, I love burritos - and Cha Cha Cha more than any other burrito joint around - that I was really just in it for the books. Since then I've started to wonder if maybe there's another way to make something awesome of this. There's a lot of hungry people in Portland, and they aren't the ones who can afford to spend $50 at the bookstore. (I only spent $31 the other day and felt kind of strapped...) But if I do spend another $20 before xmas (if Dude allows folks to combine receipts), then I will go collect my burrito, but I'm going to walk right out on the street and give it to the first person who asks me for money.  Lets just hope they don't throw it back at me, completely annoyed, because that would really ruin my idealistic vision of how this would go all go down. 

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dude said...

Fortunately The Dude has been thinking on this a lot lately. I've not yet contacted Cha Cha Cha to alert them to the possibilities of a small crowd but when I do it may be in my best interest to order in advance and in bulk. Any left-overs will most definitely be handed over to those less fortunate, perhaps a trip downtown will be in order. Your $30 bucks is good enough for me, thanks for helping to spread the word! I'll look forward to meeting you on the 16th.