Monday, November 03, 2008

Birthday Dinner

My birthday was yesterday, and I have been celebrating since Friday. Mom and grandma took me out to lunch and we had a great time eating the famous ruben sandwiches at Rose's in Portland, then we had a sleep over at mom's house. On Saturday, Phil and I had dinner with dad at his house, and we ate a decedent meal of homegrown tomatoes marinated in balsamic vinegar and fresh basil, with slices of fresh mozzarella; fingerling potato au gratin with stinky blue-veined cheese (yum); and 2 inch thick steaks. Oh my oh my.... For desert, dad picked up some yummy stinky cheeses which we had with slices of crispy red pears and honey crisp apples. A true Northwest dinner, paired with Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon.  

On my actual birthday, Phil and I slept in (big surprise), and went for an afternoon hike in Forest Park, 
where I took 380 photos with my new camera, a Nikon digital SLR from dad. It was a crispy col day to go hunting
for mushrooms, and although we didn't have much luck, we had a great day.
We had a late dinner at the gorgeous and delicious, Lovely Hula Hands . I couldn't help myself, I ordered steak
and fingerling potatoes!!! For the second night in a row! Phil had an incredible hamburger which was too big to
squish into your mouth, but somehow he managed. Yuuuummy. And we had an awesome Spanish tempernillo to
go with dinner, which began with sunchoke soup with mint oil, and a baby oak leaf salad with feta and lemon 
vinegarette. I'm a pretty spoiled lady.

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