Friday, November 14, 2008

3 years of blogging

I have been blogging for THREE years! What in the world have i been talking about?

Well, in the beginning, Phil and I had just moved to Colorado, and I was trying to keep the family updated on our whereabouts and roundabouts. We had just started a garden. Blue house was our home, at the base of the College hill. Sometimes Durango sounds like a nice place to be again, in my mind. But then I remember how cold/unfriendly/small it was, which outweighs the pretty mountains. We can always find pretty mountains in Oregon.

Eventually I stopped blogging because life was boring. Then I realized that it's the boring stuff that's actually quite beautiful - the gardening, the close up photos of kitty, the food, (oh god, the food!), and all those funny weekend projects I was making in Corvallis. 

Journals are great, but I never stick with them. Seeing all of this before me, in a format I am comfortable navigating (the computer, as opposed to a book) makes it pretty cool to live through memories again. And now I've shifted again. How about... Less words, more photos. Or just photos. Maybe that will help me perfect the new camera skills. 

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