Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled pork is delicious. There's no mistaking that. For about the same price you'd pay for a good pulled pork sandwich ($7), I bought a 3.6 lbs boston pork butt yesterday. When I got home, I put a ton of spices in a bowl with brown sugar and some salt and dry rubbed the beast. Then, I put it in a plastic bag and let it rest overnight in the fridge. This morning, I pulled it back out of the bag, shoved it in the crock pot, set to low, and let it simmer for 9.5 hours. After that, I pulled all the pork apart on a baking sheet with two forks, and set aside. I simmered some apple cider vinegar, ketchup, worcestershire, brown sugar and a ton more spices until it tasted yummy, then mixed in all the shredded pork and tossed it in the oven set at 350 F. At that point, I started mixing yeast and flour together for some homemade buns...

Homemade Pulled Pork

The rub came from a recipe on Beantown Baker, and I made some hamburger buns from One Frugal Foodie. What you have to understand is, I spent at least a week in advance obsessively looking at recipes for crockpot pulled pork, and decided on my attack, only to find this exquisite website just as I was pulling the buns out of the oven. Oh well, mine tastes ammmmmmazingly good, and now I have another new recipe to look forward to.

Hamburger Buns


Becca said...


Well done, Molly. Well done.

Jen said...

Yours looks great. I'll have to try making those buns sometime. Just so you know, I used the same recipe as Bridget from The Way the Cookie Crumbles.

Molly said...

Oh that's great Jen! I feel like I fouled up the process by turning the meat into the sauce - I deviated from your (Bridget's) recipe, rather than drizzling the sauce over the top in the end. It still tastes great, but I'd like to leave the saucing till the very end next time. I'm excited to try Bridget's kaiser rolls too - I have so much left over pork, I might just have to do that tonight!