Sunday, January 25, 2009

Curry Sunday

I made curry last Sunday too, so I guess it's becoming a habit. This red curry has potatoes and tofu in it that I baked instead of pan sauteeing, making it less oily and fatty.


Becca said...

Hey, I made curry today too!! And I baked tofu today as well... weird! Except it was yellow curry and I didn't put the tofu in the curry. I put baked tofu on my sandwiches like lunch meat. We were like kitchen twins today. :)

Molly said...

That's really funny :) I make baked tofu for sandwiches too, it's way more cost effective, and then I can marinate it in whatever I want, rather than buying it in sugar drenched "thai" flavors or whatever. I'd always read to freeze tofu first, then thaw out for maximum moisture release, and finally just tried that for the first time, do you ever use that method? I LOVE it, especially for stir fry.