Saturday, April 15, 2006

New Flickr Account

I've finally taken the plunge into free web based photosharing. The easiest, cleanest looking, most widely used photo tool on the web (it's free) is I've created an account where many of my photos from my blog will be duplicated, but it is photos only. I've added a link in the sidebar ------->
But you may click here.
And would encourage those of you with blogs, who take amazing pics (Josh, Keith, Mel...) to do the same! Not many up yet, but will keep growing.

Happy rainy weekend all!

Grandma and Grandad will be home soon (yippy!) and will hopefully be bringing the sunshine back with them... I'm furiously knitting hats, but will probably have to put them away until next winter. Hopefully Grandma can refine my skills by then too!

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