Sunday, April 02, 2006

Durango Mountain Resort - Closes For the Season

Photo: Molly Elliott
Location: Durango Mountain Resort - Snowball Fight
Spring has sprung, and on a warm afternoon I found myself with another sprained ankle amidst a crazy end of the season snowball fight, and two young (eh, hem....) lovers???

Josh came to visit Phil and I with his buddy, Adam down in Durango, where I spent my spring break. Phil and I had a great time doing nothing at all, watching movies, climbing, and oh, the most important part, I beat him at Scrabble. The grand finale to my time here, I could not ski on closing day because I stupidly fell in the street, spraining my rediculous ankle once again. Instead, there was an all you could drink beer tent to celebrate locals, the first spring weather, and those who could make pie-wedges down the front run....

Photo: Molly Elliott
Location: Durano Mountain Resort - Snowball Fight 2006

Chaos broke loose at the end of the last run. The loud speakers announced a suggestion that "everyone should just go home. The beer has run out!"

Photo: Molly Elliott
Location: Durango Mountain Resort - Turkey Frying Contest
I have no idea who's dog this is, but there was a turkey frying contest and all the puppies were eating the bones off the ground.... I hope they made it home safely!!!

Josh and Phil, solving the world's problems.
Photo: Molly Elliott
Location: Blue House, Durango, Colorado

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