Thursday, February 23, 2006

Work opportunities!

I've been searching all over for some part time work the past few weeks, and have either come up with nothing interesting or nothing that is hiring for this term. ... And then there was the one job I really wanted, but didn't get, in the Health Promotion Department. They will be hiring for two more positions in the spring, so maybe I will try again then. My friend, Tyler, forwarded me an e.mail last night about tree planting for a local environmental chemistry company. They apparently are doing a couple conservation projects on private farmland on the Oregon coast in Tillamook and Nehalem. It's just for a few weekends over the next couple months, but I met with one of the people from the firm this morning, and I'm going to help them plant 2500 plants and trees this weekend! I'm very excited to get outside, in the fresh air, plus it will be a very high paying job with travel, hotel, and food all paid for. I'm so excited!

The man I spoke with this morning kept saying things like, "You should wear boots. They will get wet. Do you have boots that you'd be okay with getting dirty?" and "The weather should be okay, but you should bring raingear, and maybe a stocking hat, it could be as low as 45 in the morning!" I sort of laughed at him, and made some comment about running a chainsaw with 8 other men at 10,000ft in a foot of snow, at temperatures as low as 2 degrees F. I think he'll be happy with my work.

I also have an interview in an hour for a part time job in a government horticulture lab on the edge of campus. It's just a lab assistant position, but it would be an excellent way to gain experience and knowledge. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and I hope it doesn't rain too much on the coast for me and my tree planting companions. I'll try and take pictures with my little digital camera while i'm out there!

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