Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tech Support

Okay, i've called Qwest 5 times since I woke up (2 hrs ago). These are the things I've learned:
1. I have the intro menu memorized.
2. They probably have approx. 5 people working at a time, since I've talked to "Jared" twice now.
3. Actiontec HATES Qwest. So much so, that if you admit to being a Qwest customer, they will actually send someone to your door to KILL you.
4. Qwest representatives, however much we've dissed them in the past, are apathetic people, who really do want to help you. (Some of them) They also give off a false sense of "good 'ol boy" in the way they talk to you and sympathize with you.
5. Qwest representative speak clear, understandable english. This a MAJOR bonus to tech support lines. "Jared" is probably sitting in a cubicle in Eugene, not Bangladesh.

Talking to Microsoft Tech Support:1. Is fun. They have english accents, which I think are cute.
2. Makes you feel important. They have someone take your call when you're on hold to long, just to say, "I'm transferring you to the representative who may BEST serve your issues today," and you feel good about it for another ten minutes until someone else picks up. For all I know, it was the same dude, who just put his current customer on hold.
3. They WILL try and trick you into answering questions like, "How many machines have you intalled this software on?" Because we all know, you're not REALLY supposed to share burned copies... And "Did you buy this computer DIRECTLY from Dell?" (Or off of some dude in an alley, right? Right?)

Talking to Tech Support:1. Is the most fun.
2. The guy talking to you can probably onsite 5.12, hasn't shaved in atleast five months, has a dog you'd love, and lives out of the back of his truck, sometimes bathing in public restrooms.
3. He most definately was playing with a hacky sack when you called him, and has his feet up on his desk.
4. He uses phrases such as, "Ya. Like. Well. Okay, dude, it's going to work, like, so much better if you do this. Check it out..."

This has been my afternoon experience of Tech support. Thank god for Sunday's because we can do all of the things in one day that we've really really been dreading the rest of the week.