Saturday, January 14, 2006

My New Bike

So, this is my new bike. Some of you have been hearing about it. A lot. I really love to ride it. In fact, even when it's pouring down rain with 40mph wind gusts, amidst bad drivers who are not considerate of wet, smallish, biker peoples I still love riding it. And I better, because as of tomorrow, this baby is my primary mode of transportation. I have a pretty crappy insurance company (many of you have probably heard of it), so in order to save some dough, and the planet, i'm going to ease off burning the fossil fuels for a few months. Just a couple days ago, I put a rack on the back of it. People around here do that. Then they strap some sort of square, plastic crate to it too. I might invest in a crate. Since I'm not paying for car insurance anymore that is. You might notice that I have something strapped to my rack in the photo. It was the first time I used the rack. What you see is a 3 liter jug of extra virgin olive oil.  Posted by Picasa

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