Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, there's not really anything to update on. Since my last post...
  • Things have been CRAZY hectic with work. I've been working out of the Portland office the past couple weeks, instead of working from my bedroom. I do love the bike commute in to Northwest (lets me have 60 minutes of riding per shift), but working from home with Kitty is nice too.
  • I put clipless pedals on my bike. Woohoo!
  • I made the fourth batch of pesto this summer. All from my little planter box of five basil plants. (Another harvest will be coming this week)
  • Phil and I went to his ten year high school reunion. Yup. He's old. Keith and Ashley were there, and it was great to meet new people and see old faces.
  • I ate Korean food for the first time! At Phil's reunion I met Kate. She was also adopted from Korea, and we've hung out a couple times since the reunion. The first time was so she and her boyfriend, Ky, could teach me about Korean food. Yum!!!
Ky and Kate

  • Last week, I got to babysit Caitlyn for a day. ALWAYS a blast to spend time with the munchkin.
  • On Friday, I went to Seattle for the first time. Phil and I attended a party for Urbanspoon.
  • On Sunday, Dad and Jill and I rode in the Providence Bridge Pedal. This was the driving motivation behind me getting the new pedals, and boy was I glad to have them! I'm still super tired.
Panda shot during Providence Bridge Pedal
  • And, last but not least.... I bought a MacBook Pro! I'll go ahead and give another "woohoo" to that.

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