Monday, January 14, 2008

A few of my favorite, or not so much, things...

A rapid-fire list of just random stuff:
  1. For dinner tonite, I made tofu smothered in nutritional yeast and Bragg's liquid aminos. I tossed the tofu with kale I broiled in the oven for 8 minutes, and had slightly crunchy, red potatoes on the side. The red potatoes are one of my favorite things that mom makes. Oh boy. Yummy stuff.
  2. This morning in my 8a.m. Exercise Sports Science class my super nerdy and extremely tall, gangly professor got so excited talking and backing up at the same time that he bumped into a table, causing loss of balance and a fall/sitting down on the table itself. He followed this up by saying (with a red face), "I wanted to sit here," to which we all replied with roaring laughter. Funny stuff.
  3. When people see you riding your bike really fast, they think you don't see them. What I am doing is calculating in my super-sharp mind the exact anticipated trajectory of their body in motion as they are walking and I will swiftly pass them once they have safely crossed my path. But. People always FREAK out and STOP mid-walk, throwing me off, which them causes me to STOP my bike and nod my head indicating that they should keep walking, and sometimes I have to say, "GO!" Pedestrians are so passive.... Annoying stuff.
  4. I came home today and accidentally stepped on kitty's tail. He screamed at me. Sad stuff.
  5. Corvallis residents who are Allied Waste customers all received commingled recycling roll carts last week!!! Yeaaahhh! Now we can dump all our happy recyclables in one big can that dwarfs the garbage cans. Finally we're catching up with other parts of Oregon on these issues. RAD STUFF!
  6. I bought a new bio-degradable laundry soap last week, which was also supposed to by hypoallergenic. I now have a full blown rash. I bought infant bubble bath, baby soap, and special cream that's supposed to heal itchies. I figure nothing is more hypoallergenic that infant stuff. It's awful. I talked to a friend about this on Sunday and he had a horrible itchy eye rash last year, which they finally figured out was due to the same detergent. BAD stuff.

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