Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Job (again)

So, I know it seems as though I am always starting new jobs and ending old jobs (which never have enough time to actually get old), but working in the Physics dept. this term was planned to be only a term long position. On Friday I had an interview with the OSU Plant Clinic, which you can explore on this website
I'm VERY excited to be back in a lab with an opportunity to be doing molecular work again. I'll begin my training tomorrow and be getting more of an idea what my role will be. Can't wait!

We're on winter break now from school, and the final grades are slowly rolling in as my professors get everything graded. I had a very successful term and am looking forward to another crazy load for the winter term!

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uhleetaw said...

congrats on the new job lady!
col has your gift from nepal but i really wanna see YOU!!!! cal me if you make it to portland before monday night!
much love