Friday, September 22, 2006

Portola Hills

The last two days, Phil and I hung out in an amazing old redwood stand uniquely suspended in time, away from the bustling city life which appeared to be a million miles below. His great aunt, Marge, loaned us the key to her cabin, which is carefully situated among dozens of gentle giants and after reading by the woodstove and filling our bellies with fine wine (thanks Barry and Carol!) and cheeses, we headed out in search of the "Grandfather Tree", a giant redwood well known to the family. After making about a six mile roundtrip walk through the most amazing, undisturbed redwoods I have ever seen in my life, we found ourselves back at Marge's cabin, to enjoy another evening of solitude, without even the slightest sounds of traffic or neighbors.

Canopy view in Marge's backyard.
Backyard firering.

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