Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hot Tamale

Ever wonder what 13 pounds of meat looks like? I'm taking on a tamale recipe this weekend that is proving to be QUITE the challenge! I started with a 4 pound chicken and and 9 pound pork roast at 1 p.m. today, and at 7p.m. this is what I had come up with. Whew! The actual tamale production doesn't even happen yet. Too much work for one day. If any of you would try to do this yourself, here is the link where I found the recipe! It is sort of a recipe I'm making in honor of Ariel. Oh yeah, and I used her crock pot to cook the chicken!

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Arielita said...

Oh you are so sweet...I wish i was there to eat 13 pounds of meat with you. It would have been kinda like the bbq we went to, except that was like 50 pounds of meat. he he