Saturday, December 10, 2005

Done with conservation corps

I am SO over my job. I enjoyed doing conservation corps, and I enjoyed learning a new skill, meeting new people, seeing new forests, and camping out under the clearest, coldest stars I've ever seen, but I am very ready to go back to Oregon, and SCHOOL! We're officially done with all of the field work, and will spend this week in a classroom getting the theory side of the work we've been doing. This will include fire mitigation practices from what I understand. A retired Forest Service employee (someone who probably specializes in fuels, I'd assume) is running our class.

Then Phil and I will pile into my car and head west! Rachel and I are still looking for somewhere to live in Corvallis. We have a few prospects, but probably will not be able to firm anything up till right after Christmas, since there is so much to do and see when I get home.

Phil and I are packing up to head over to Moab in the morning. We're going to climb a Kor-Ingals route on Castleton Tower as long as it isn't too cold when we get there! I'll take lots of pictures and write another post when we get back.

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melanie said...

Enjoy your last week in Durango Molly! It was great to talk to you this week! By the way- will you bug phil to send me that picture of cota'?
much love,